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Welcome, we are glad to have you browse our site for research and tips to enhance your memory and reduce your risk for most forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease. As you browse feel free to contact one of our experts at any time at 1-866-634-9880.

Research has shown that systematic brain training can help people improve a number of cognitive skills including attention, working memory, problem solving abilities, reading and, in some cases, psychosocial functioning. Just a few years ago, experts believed that the brain was like a sealed black box, and you were stuck with whatever nature gave you at birth. Now it has become evident that our brains can keep adapting and developing new abilities throughout our lifetime. This ability to reorganize and create new pathways is called neuroplasticity, and it’s the science behind cognitive training. A number of different methods including individualized therapeutic interactions, brainwave training, lifestyle changes, and improved hearing may help you lead the way to better brain health. The goal is to utilize science, research, and guidance from a Brain Optimization Specialist to help improve an individual’s ability to function due to age related cognitive decline, or after a brain injury or other neurological event, such as a stroke. If you have concerns about age related cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment, or dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease, please call one of our experts today for more information.

Here are links for discounts on hearing aids and for more information on dementia prevention. 

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