Course Content

In the certification course you will learn the following:

  1. How hearing loss and dementia are linked. Causality and factors underlying both

  2. The latest insights into the most likely causes of at least 5 different types of dementia

  3. How to conduct an accurate dementia risk and needs assessment

  4. How to integrate this protocol with your hearing evaluations and follow-ups

  5. When to refer,* for what and to whom

  6. What the latest research shows are the most effective ways for reducing risk of dementia

  7. What constitutes a brain healthy lifestyle powerful enough to reverse cognitive decline, even early to mid stage Alzheimer’s symptoms

  8. The top 20 best foods for the brain

  9. Common foods and toxins that can damage the brain

  10. Nutritional supplements proven to improve mental performance to levels 15+ years younger.

  11. How you or they can obtain the best validated supplements at the best prices

  12. The best activities and exercises for the body and brain, including the principles of music therapy for memory enhancement

  13. The 7 best strategies for restoring circadian rhythms and securing a good night’s sleep

  14. How to effectively communicate the value of this program, and the various benefits both they and their family members can expect to receive from their participation

  15. How to effectively coach your clients to help them develop a brain healthy lifestyle

  16. How to develop and implement a one year personalized cognitive improvement plan to prevent and even reverse age related cognitive decline,* and help participants develop a brain healthy lifestyle for a vastly improved memory.* This plan will include:

*  A pre, post and quarterly tests of cognitive status and abilities
*  A 56 point Risk Factors assessment including 5 key biomarkers you can check
*  3D Multiple Object Tracking training for cognitive and memory improvement
* The UCLA personal needs based strategy for overcoming cognitive decline*
* Brainwave training for meditation, memory improvement, focus, and creative flow
* Medication interactions and contribution assessment – more than 200 medications have been shown to contribute to cognitive decline. This guide will include options for them to discuss with their physician.
* Assistance in developing a brain healthy lifestyle including guidance on diet, personalized mental and physical exercise, stress management, music and mood enhancement, as well as social support network development to support your hearing and cognition objectives.
*  Training in motivational interviewing for securing buy-in and compliance
*  The habit tracker and how it can be used to promote a brain healthy lifestyle
* A follow-up schedule and reinforcement strategies for optimal progress and maintenance
* Failure tree analysis to ensure follow-through and success
* 7 Ways to increase your income by becoming Certified in Brain Fitness and Dementia Prevention Education.  

In short, once you have completed this certification training you will have the knowledge and tools you need to help your clients dramatically reduce their risk for age related cognitive decline, reverse memory loss and develop a lifestyle that will improve their memory, mood and other cognitive abilities and potentially keep them dementia symptom free* for the rest of their lives.

* While this protocol will be most effective for healthy seniors, this approach has been shown to be effective in improving cognitive performance in seniors diagnosed with mild cognitive impairments up to and including symptoms typical of individuals with moderate Alzheimer’s. Current research suggests, but does not conclusively prove the claim that, it can prevent, mitigate or cure dementia. Individuals with serious health issues should be advised to consult with competent licensed healthcare providers for appropriate medical treatment and care. Referral sources will be provided for identifying such individuals in your area that you can work with. But as Dr. Fortanasce notes, the real need is for dementia prevention education more than medication. And this YOU can provide once you have become certified.

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