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Brain Optimization & Dementia Prevention Education Certification Course

How can becoming certified help my practice?

  • Since Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most feared disease in America,(1) you may attract more potential patients looking for a brain fitness program.

  • You can become proficient in dementia prevention education as well as memory enhancement.

  • You will learn how to help your patients improve both their lifestyle and cognition with a proven program.

  • Set yourself apart from other professionals in your industry.

  • Develop major new monthly revenue streams from brain and memory enhancing products and programs certified by the American Brain Council.

  • You can recoup the cost of this certification with your first patient!

  • Receive referrals from physicians, retirement homes, and your current competition.

Why Seniors & others are so anxious to  receive this

  • Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are reaching epidemic proportions in this country. And there are no cures!

  • These are among the most devastating and costly ailments in our society, both emotionally and financially for families.

  • Most seniors have seen friends or family suffer or die from Alzheimer’s. They know the effects can be devastating for all and they don’t want to go there.

  • They are seeing new research on PBS showing these losses and this devastation can now be prevented, but traditional medicine has been slow to respond to this new info. So few know where to go to get help. 

  • Now you can help your patients protect themselves against these debilitating disorders before they disrupts their lives!

What is included in the training?

  • Overview of various dementia types and causes.

  • How to incorporate brain fitness and dementia prevention education into your practice.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the brain and memory.

  • Clinically proven methods to dramatically reduce the risk of developing dementia.

  • How brain cell health improves both mood and memory.

  • How to revitalize an aging brain at the cellular level – what really works!

  • A synergistic strategy for improving brain health and quality of life.

  • Fascinating and empirically validated memory improvement strategies.

How can I help my patients by becoming certified in brain fitness?

  • You will learn how to talk to your patients about their brain health.

  • You will learn clinically proven ways to educate your patients on dementia prevention and how to maintain a healthy brain.

  • You will learn how to help them improve and maintain short-term memory with a synergistic approach to brain health, including; brainwave training, 3D multiple object tracking training, Auditory Intensive hearing in noise training, scientifically validated brain games and activities, diet and exercise, and proper brain nutrients.

  • You will learn to enhance their mental clarity and performance of daily activities.

  • You will learn how to help them improve mood as well as memory—our strategy improves both simultaneously.

  • You will learn to teach them how to recharge and renew their brain at the cellular level.

  • You will learn for yourself clinically proven strategies for improving your memory and cognition.

  • You will learn how to coach your patients in developing a lifestyle that protects and promotes brain health and memory at any age.

  • You will learn how to help fill a huge and potentially very profitable void that will only grow in importance as the 60 plus population increases.

  • You will learn how to refer and receive referrals from other health professionals.

What Others Are Saying (class critique samples)

“Great Class!”  Dr. A. Olson, Audiologist, NJ

“This COURSE WAS FANTASTIC! Loved it! It was very educational and contained a lot of practical, applicable information.” Alyssa Scott , SLP

“The BEST CEU  I’ve ever attended!”  J Ratner, LCSW, NC

“Very practical and insightful. This is information that every family and health care professional needs to hear!  Alzheimer’s can be prevented! People need to know this!”  C. Osterhauser, WV

Disclosure: Our presenters have several financial, non-financial, and or absent relationships to disclose. Please see Disclosoures below.

How can I help my patients by becoming certified by the American Brain Council?

Why are hearing professionals good candidates for this program?

What are the requirements for becoming certified?


Certification Program (with scholarship): Now only  $2995 

This is an online education program. You will have 3 months to complete the course at your convenience.

Next introductory online class:  These are now being scheduled weekly to accommodate participant needs, and market requests. 

For Registration Call:  1-866-634-9880

Certification Includes: 

  • Ongoing access to more than 20 hrs of training

  • Personal one on one access to coaching from expert instructors

  • 4 Cognitive and functional Assessment tools for various levels of ability both paper and online

  • 56 item Dementia Risk Assessment Instrument for identifying at risk practices (includes research on why and how each item can increase risk for cognitive decline or memory problems.)

  • Authoritative 240 page searchable Clinical Guide to Dementia Prevention including more than 500 references and links on how to develop a brain healthy lifestyle and avoid dementia.

  • 5 hour online exclusive documentary featuring some of the top experts in the world

  • Motivating and encouraging materials and practices for potential clients

  • 140 pg participant Action Guides for How to Maintain a Healthy Brain.

  • Habit tracker forms and guides for developing a brain healthy lifestyle

  • 1 month of 3 of the best supplements for promoting brain health

  • 2 months of free access to the best computer based Brain Training Programs in the world

  • Change Management Best practices guide

  • Monthly updates on the latest practical research in the field

  • Your guide to more than 30 fun brain stimulating games & activities for individuals, classes & groups

  • 7 ways to develop an added income stream as a Dementia Prevention Specialist

  • Promotional media materials

  • Preferred provider status for referral partners

Through this training you will learn how to grow your business by reaching segments of the population that you are currently not reaching.  Learn how to set yourself apart from your competitors.  Open up doors of opportunity for new revenue streams while making a significant impact in the overall quality of life of your patients!

If you are interested in learning more about this training, please call us at 866-634-9880 


Lynn Johnson:

  • Financial: Receives a fee for teaching from the American Brain Council Foundation. Has no other financial relationships to declare.

  • Nonfinancial: There are no other relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

David Larsen:

  • Financial: Receives a teaching and administrative fee for this and related certification education from the American Brain Council Foundation, Also a minor share holder in Suncrest labs.  One of their products “Memoryze” will be mentioned along with others.

  • Nonfinancial: There are no other relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose

Michael Chad:

  • Financial: Receives a teaching and consulting fee for this and related certification training from the American Brain Council Foundation

  • Nonfinancial: There are no  other relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.


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