Hearing Benefit Plan

Free For Seniors 55+

The American Brain Council Foundation is sponsoring this because the average cost of a set of hearing aids is $5,000.00! This is more than most seniors can afford. Only 1 out of 7 people in need of hearing aids actually get them. Because even MILD untreated hearing loss doubles the risk of dementia the American Brain Council Foundation is stepping in to help. Since Medicare and most other insurance companies do not cover hearing aids, this plan allows ALL seniors 55+ access to quality hearing aids.
We have contracted out with hearing care professionals throughout the country to cover hearing tests at no cost to you.  Also, we provide virtual appointments for those in areas with no certified hearing professionals. 
The American Brain Council is a non-profit organization that provides free information, free memory screenings, and discounts on evidence-based brain optimization and memory improvement products. If you have any hearing loss, hearing aids are the first thing to try for better brain health. 
This plan gives a $900 benefit on entry level hearing aids and up to $1500 benefit on top level hearing aids.

Hearing Test


AVG. RETAIL: $175.00
YOU PAY: $0.00

Wax Removal


AVG. RETAIL: $150.00
YOU PAY: $25.00

1 YR Supply of Batteries


AVG. RETAIL: $114.00
YOU PAY: $0.00

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